Friday, May 6, 2011

Haha. Akhir-akhir ni entri berbau negatif je. Tak boleh tak boleh.


Well hello there world!

As you might be able to see, I'm changing to a new characters. Not trying to escape from the problems, instead trying to look for the solution. Ya yaa. Forgive me for my previous mistakes, ignore me for all my nonsense feeling.

Let us proceed.

For starting, I would like to wish to my Mak,  'Selamat Hari Hari Mak!'

Eh, when exactly Mother's Day ha? I don't even know. Is it crucial to remember specified Mak/Mama/Mami/Ibu's Day if we should give appreciation to them everyday? Besides, I have difficulty in remembering dates. It is not I am forgetful, people. Maybe I do not have romantic character [yet]. I will try to improve them later.

Everybody said that they have the best Mak in the world.  So do I. Although sometimes Mak can be so scary when she in serious mode, but when she start to smile, there is a peaceful feeling that could not even tell anyone. In my family, we rarely celebrate this specified days. But we still love each other without expressing the feelings. Example, I did try to give Mak my own hand make card for Mak's Day. But knowing that she is not really in this romantic thingy, I just slipped in the card into her handbag-those time when I was staying in hostel and she came to visit me. On the other week, when I came home, she act like nothing happen. Haha. Funny Mak. Ayah told me once, Mak rarely show her feelings. It's like never. Yeah, I never see Mak cry. Strong cool Mak. Still, I love her what ever happen, who ever she is. Hehe.

Ahah. Telling you about my Mak. Do you even mind?

I will stop here.
Send my regard to your Ibu, Mama, Mami or Emak and tell her that I said thank you for gave birth to a wonderful person like you-to be my friend. 
Yes, I mean it.

Love Mak,

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