Saturday, October 30, 2010

i lost my words

I have just finished my English paper and now i feel like writing in my not-so-mothertongue languange. Can I?

I think the English paper is quite easy yet tricky. For essay part, Absenteeism Among University Students was the topic. The details, negative peers' influence, dull subject and ingnorant parents and lectures had given and what is needed was just a simple elaboration. I was enthusiast to write about teenangers who often skipped classes as it is about one of serious problem nowadays. Social problems are interesting issues to discuss anyway. Unfotunately, I think I failed.

Since I was in school, this is the major problem.
I have the ideas, but I just failed to express them with good words.
I can't deliver the message successfully nor creating any fantastic imagination if asked to write a story.

I've tried to develop my English vocab by reading NST. But the new habits was just ugghh.
Practising new habit one another story. FAIL.



Ok sudah. Terasa betul English aku tak bagus.
Entah macam mana aku nak buat MUET nanti.


Wan Muhammad Syafiq said...

nice one.keep it up!
try to wrote in English more often okay? :)

aisya zainal said...

write in english? entah laa.
lebih gembira menulis dalam bahasa melayu. senang nak mengekspresi diri :) thanks membaca anyway.

Anonymous said...

teruskan berusaha insha-Allah berjaya .
aku tau sangat kau boleh ;)


aisya zainal said...

ye awak. aku tau kau tahu aku boleh.

2012 said...

its ok my dear...
let bygone be bygone..
all da best next paper!!!

aisya zainal said...

2012: terima kasih awak.