Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My final holiday.

One month and half of semester holidays will be ended soon. So soon. I mean within 24 hours. 

I enjoyed my sweet time leisure although by just staying at home, enhancing and improving skills to be a good daughter, a proactive soft-spoken lady, a future wife-of-unknown-future husband, and hoping the efforts lead me to be a Muslimah as well. 

There were so many things to-do that came across my mind with lots of enthusiasm and confidence - I would say that it started distracting me when I was about to focus on my final(like always), and managed to do some of them (like always) and when it comes to the end of the holidays, I came across experiencing new hobbies which were not even my holiday's list; well yes like almost for every semester break  
But it is fine for me, exploring new things that I never thought I can make it. It's a holiday, anyway. 

Introducing new hobbies;

1.  Lego ! 

I found a set of Lego at abang sulung's house. 
Part of the building which successfully make me awoke for the whole night. I wish books can do the same thing too. 
Blame me not for the lame excitement. 
It grabbed my attention as I've never played and completed a perfect building of Lego when I was a kid. 
It used to be only for 'budak kaya' and now, my abang sulung has been the budak kaya. 
Happy me. :) 

2. Felt craft !

Have any idea of what are these? 
As mentioned earlier, in order to be a typical lady-like, I learned a bit about craft. 
I chose to get into felt craft because it is an easy measy DIY. Everyone can simply do it even without any basic. 
With very little effort, finding stuffs and Google-ing and Youtube-ing around, nah! 
You're like a boss pro!

3. Cooking. 
Sorry, no picture for this. 
I'm not that serious to take picture for every slow-step I did in the kitchen. 
But someday, somehow maybe I'll do it. ^^.

Cooking is not a hobby anyway. 
It is more likely a routine to make Mak happy to see her daughter have at least a basic in cooking. 
However, I can't deny that great feeling to see the family enjoying every simple dishes that I've cooked. 
Happy me again weee~ ^^, 

So, that's it. Some of the activities that I managed to explore for my next longggggggg semester break? 
#Eh cepatnya? :p

Footnote 1.
Insya-Allah,the upcoming semester will be the 6th semester for me. Shall be the final . Hard to say, but I really hope that I could make it this time. Thinking of possibilities and the opportunities, I could not even think what to expect.

Have faith, keep on moving Aisyah. 
#Spoil la mood sedih. 

Footnote 2. 
I used to post a status on Facebook; 
Ulang banyak kali. 
Biar lekat dalam hati.
Biar cita-cita tak terus jadi mimpi. 

Andai tak menjadi sekalipun, kita tahu kita pernah cipta angan yang tinggi. ^^,

And the last sentence had been a toy for me and my friend.
She said, 'Ayat failed. Entah apa-apa entah. Cuba bayangkan.. Terbang tinggi-tinggi, tiba-tiba tuppp! Jatuh ke bawah.
Kalau dah ada aim, aim la betul-betul. Ini tak. 'Sekurang-kurangnya, kita pernah mencipta angan yang tinggi'. *muka pelik minta jawapan. 
And I keep laughing whenever I think about it. It just me. Really me. 

Footnote 3. 
It is all because of MUET, guys. 


doubleA said...

all the best for your muet, budak ^^

aisya zainal said...

mekaceh anishhhh the peminat setia <3

doubleA said...

hikhikhik agak kedengaran gedik di situ. tunggu ai cuti bulan 1 <3 dah keluar dah schedule final exam aku. hehe