Sunday, April 24, 2011

Short entry will be.

I had just finished my CTU ( Tamadun Islam) paper last Saturday and it was awesome! Awesome from Aisyah's dictionary of life is not very good. I couldn't remember what I had wrote written. But somehow, I think I got something beneficial from reading Tamadun Islam book . I had changed my perception on Islamic history as I realised there are so many problems that we can relate from the past especially as a Muslim. And since then, I decided not to think about getting A. I just enjoyed reading that book.

Next five papers; English, Statistics, Financial Accounting, Economics and Business.
Bit scared thinking of them especially Financial Accounting paper. I don't know, but I feel I can do it although others are superb than me. I can just feel it.

And why on earth am I writing in English?
Because of the English paper. I have problem in lack of good vocabulary. I don't speak English in daily life, rarely write in this language and when thinking of the exam, I feel like reading the whole dictionary.

Guys and girls; please. Never missed my name in your prayer.


Wan Muhammad Syafiq said...

at last, an update. insya Allah, you can do it! XD

Rahmat Hanaffi said...

'what i had written'.. but nice for ur first english attempt.